A Warning To All Edmonton Residents Regarding Fake City Inspectors

As of January 1st, 2017, all door to door energy sales have been banned across the province of Alberta. What we have found out is that for permission these scammers are using a “work around” system where they use a phone call tactic to get permission to enter residents homes.

Today we had a customer call us with an alarming experience that occurred at her Edmonton home. Yesterday her husband got a call from a “City Inspector” to come in and inspect their heating system. He just had a hot water installed by us here at Acclaimed in December, so he thought that we called for a permit inspection, which is done by a city inspector. (Please note that homeowners call in MOST situations and arrange for an admittance of the inspectors).

Once these people entered the house, they informed the homeowner that a tag was missing off of the hot water tank and that they would do a report. They then said they needed to see documents that they owned the house so they needed to see mortgage papers. They also needed to see utility bills as there were rebates available to them. Talk about pushy!

Thankfully her husband didn’t know where to find this information and said his wife would have to follow up with them. She followed up with the City of Edmonton, and there was no inspector sent out by them. I advised her to contact the police and file a complaint. Here at Acclaimed we would never send an outside representative without contacting the homeowner first, nor any other mechanical company that we know about. Please be on the lookout Edmonton and area residents!

Always call 311 first if you have a city worker come to your door and want to gain admittance. Take their badge (or take a photo of it with your phone), and see if that it is a legit worker. If they are not, then call the police. A customer can also file a complaint with the Consumer Investigations Unit.

This carries a huge fine, due to the impact it has caused in our
community. The impact has been thousands of homeowners are on the line for equipment:

1) They drastically overpaid for.

2) In many cases they did not need.

3) Is frequently put in so poorly that it does not pass
inspection, as it is not not up to code (which they discover by accident as the company doesn’t call for an inspection, that is if they even pulled a permit) – devastating!

These companies are very slick! Many different ages
of people have been effected, however seniors are often home during the day and they seem the most effected. Please help spread the word to the residents in Edmonton and surrounding areas, and take care of each other!

-Acclaimed Green Team

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