Acclaimed! Has Been Baeumler Approved!

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler.

Having a great time at our meet and greet with Sarah and Bryan Baeumler.

At the Edmonton Home Renovation Show, we were thrilled when we made the pending list for the Baeumler Approved list. We also had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and Bryan Baeumler. It was such a fantastic time and they truly are a great team!

After a thorough review, the Acclaimed! team is proud to announce that we have officially been Approved!

What does it mean to be Baeumler Approved? 

The Baeumler team created this rating of approval to establish a group of credible home contractors.

“Our goal at Baeumler Approved is to ensure quality and consistency in order to maintain a superior level of service. ” – Baeumler Approved Team

This helps homeowners seek out top home service providers from across Canada. Approved members must have a history of quality work and consistent service, as well as proper credentials and adhere to the Baeumler Code of Conduct.

Acclaimed is honored to be part of this great association. To learn more you can visit the Baeumler website.

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