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In the past few months, we have warned Edmonton and area Residents about fake city inspectors that are going door to door and obtaining entrance to peoples homes. In turn, they are scamming them into buying expensive and sometimes unnecessary equipment for their home.  On February 21, 2017,  The Minister of Service Alberta and The Better Business Bureau joined us at our office for a press release, allowing us to spread the message to all Albertan’s. We want to thank the Consumer Protection Bureau of Alberta for coming to our office and helping us spread the message.

Listen to Tami Lackey’s speech, owner of Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling, and Furnace Cleaning or read below:

Hello, my name is Tami Lackey.  My husband Keven and I own Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling and Furnace Cleaning.
Our family-owned business has been operating since 1995.
We install, service, and clean furnaces, air conditioners, and water tanks.
We are honored to be hosting this event. Welcome to The Honourable Stephanie Mclean and distinguished guests.acclaimed press release
We really appreciate the media putting a spotlight on this issue.
Throughout the last half of 2016 and into 2017, people have reached out to us to help clarify and navigate some very troubling experiences. We are impressed with how quickly Service Alberta has moved to react to combat deceitful and unethical business practices, that are being used by some companies in our industry.
Consumer confidence is low, as people are unsure of whom they can trust. Reputable companies that provide sound installations at a fair price never need to resort to misleading, high-pressure sales tactics at your door. The Ban on “Door to Door Energy Sales” help to enforce this truth! Many Albertan’s, have been left feeling foolish, embarrassed, and are mad! Numerous have been locked into very high interest, long-term loans on furnaces, air conditioners and water tanks.
People are also being pressured into leasing equipment, at an inflated cost. This includes a penalty for breaking the lease when they sell their home. Some of the equipment installations are not done up to code, meaning that they are illegally installed and often unsafe. On multiple occasions, we have been asked to rectify these deficiencies. It is heartbreaking to see the emotional and financial impact on these people. They are facing real hardships.
The most serious issues that we have seen, involve furnace exhaust pipes and not enough fresh air coming into the home. These are serious safety concerns. When we talk about this subject, most people are confident that they would never fall for these scams, both at the door and over the phone. Please understand that these companies and individuals prey upon your trust. They know the language to use to convince you to, wilfully let them into your home.
In some cases, “door to door sales people” will look around the perimeter of your home without your permission. They can determine the type and age of your furnace and water tank by doing so. With this information, they prompt sales opportunities and dialogue.
With conversations over the phone or in person, these individuals use suggestive language that infers that they are official inspectors.
They play the part well, with logos on their clothes, and ID badges.
They also use catchwords like “rebates,” “savings,” and “failing or unsafe equipment”.
Their objective is to spark fear or interest.

Please Know this…

The take away we are hoping you have is to encourage conversations and awareness with your friends, family, and neighbors. We need to chat about this on different platforms such as social media, email sharing, and face to face conversations.

The less successful these fraudulent companies are, the more likely they are to go away. Thank you all for building on the momentum of this Service Alberta incentive!

Read the Door to Door Energy Sales: Know Your Rights

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