5 Ways to Prevent Dryer Fires

You may think that thoroughly cleaning the lint screen every time you do laundry is adequate protection from a dryer fire, however, this is not the case. In fact, only about 25% of the total lint in your dryer ventilation system can be removed from the screen. The rest of the lint ends up inside the dryer vent, and can eventually lead to a dryer fire.

Thankfully, this can be prevented by paying close attention to issues that may arise from the dryer vent hose and ensure that your ventilation system is regularly serviced.

Here are five ways to protect your property from dryer fires:

  1. Regular Cleaning. Although you should continue to clean the lint screen, it is even more important to regularly clean out the duct as well. Be sure to clean around and underneath the dryer as well.
  2. Metal Dryer Ducts. Dryer ducts are available in a variety of materials such as metal, foil, or plastic. However, dryer ducts made from foil or plastic can create slight bends over time where lint can build up. A metal dryer duct is also your best chance for containment in case of a dryer fire.
  3. Shorter Dryer Hose. Typically, your dryer will have specifications for the length of the dryer hose. However, it is important to avoid long dryer hoses as these increase the risk of lint collecting and causing an unsafe buildup.
  4. Avoid Unnecessary Bends. Consider each bend in your dryer hose as an increased risk of having a dryer fire. Each bend is another opportunity for lint to build up and can be even more dangerous when combined with a dryer hose that is too long.
  5. Pay Attention to Warning Signs. It is important to recognize any warning signs that your vent is due to be cleaned. Here are some of these signs:


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