2018 Home & Garden Show

Another trade show has come and gone and we were so honored to have been able to be part of the 2018 Home & Garden Show. We had such a fun time interacting with other exhibitors and seeing such creativity in all of the booths. The weekend was full of laughs, good conversations, and of course – mini donuts! Here are some of our favourite photos from the weekend:

While at the show, we met up with our friend Simone from Consumer Choice Award and Renovation Find, who announced Acclaimed! as a recipient of the 2018 Consumer Choice Award. After a quick celebration, she was kind enough to read this week’s Dear Keven Letter. Here’s this week’s burning question: 

Dear Keven Letter: "Keeping My Options Open"

Dear Keven, 

I’m planning on replacing my furnace this year but I don’t have room in my budget to add an air conditioner as well. I think I might want to add an AC unit later down the road – is there anything I should keep in mind when I’m getting my furnace replaced?

Keeping My Options Open 

Keven replies with some great information what you can do if you’re also looking to keep your options open. He touches on the importance of planning ahead as the installation of a new AC may affect your landscaping and basement development plans. Check out the video below, or click here watch on YouTube.

Have a question you want answered? Or an HVAC issue that’s plagued you since you moved in? Or some equipment you’re unfamiliar with? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your Dear Keven letter to office@acclaimedfurnace.com and it could be featured in one of our Facebook Live videos!

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