Dear Keven Letter “The Great Critter Caper”

Our latest live video features some more great advice and addresses one of the latest questions from our readers, “The Great Critter Caper”, pesky critters that get into your ventilation system.
Keven will discuss how to combat those situations. If you’d prefer to watch this video directly on youtube, click here.

Here is the latest letter from one of our readers:

Dear Keven,

We’ve run into a slightly gross situation. We have mice running through our vents as if they’re escaping Alcatraz! As you can imagine, this is giving family members the creeps as they scoot through there, but there’s also a terrible smell when they perish. This smell vents throughout the home whenever the furnace comes on, which is often in this cold season of ours. Help!


The Great Critter Caper

Watch Below To Learn More about pesky critters that get into your ventilation system:    

Have a Dear Keven letter for Keven? An HVAC question that’s plagued you since you’ve lived in your home? New to you home with unfamiliar equipment? We’d love to hear from you! Please submit your Dear Keven letter to and it could be featured in a Dear Keven segment.

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