Dear Keven: Can I Change my ACs Refrigerant?

Old Bones AC Looking For a New Life

Refrigerant is an an integral ingredient to making your air conditioner run – but topping up the unit can get costly if you have an older unit that runs off of R22 or “Freon”.

Each week, Acclaimed! goes live on Facebook to answer a popular question we’ve received in the office or a letter a homeowner has sent in. This week, Tami and Keven answered a letter from a homeowner signed, “Old Bones AC” wondering if they could drain their older AC unit of R22 and replace it with the newer R410. 

Keven responds by noting that unfortunately, older ACs still using R22 are not compatible with the newer, more environmentally and economically friendly refrigerant, R410. He recommends replacing your AC unit if possible, as the overall cost savings of a new unit will likely outweigh the repair costs of older air conditioners using R22 in the long run (especially since the cost of R22 is increasing rapidly as supplies depleat). 

Check out the Facebook Live video for more information on this topic and to see Keven’s full answer. 

Watch the Video for Keven's Response:

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