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What’s New in the World of Government Rebates?

A lot apparently.

In a seemingly quiet launch, Energy Efficiency Alberta rolled out a number of new and increased rebates for Albertans a few weeks ago, in addition to some municipalities, including Edmonton, launching their own rebate programs. With very little press surrounding these new rebates, we dug around as much as possible to put everything in plain English for you.

What Rebates Are Available?

There are three main categories of rebates available through Energy Efficiency Alberta, including Home Improvement Rebates, Online Rebates, and Solar Rebates. Most relative to our line of work are the Home Improvement rebates available for tankless water heaters, and the Online Rebates available for Thermostats and ECM motors – but more on those later.

These three categories are all relatively easy to navigate, with the Energy Efficiency Alberta website breaking each category down pretty clearly.

The newest category on the list is the Home Energy Plan.

What is the Home Energy Plan?

A Home Energy Plan is a plan for increasing the energy efficiency of your whole home.

Step 1

It starts with getting an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation from a registered Energy Adviser. This energy audit will be performed by a licensed third party company who will assess your entire home, top to bottom, looking for energy leaks in your home. About 2 weeks later, they will send you a comprehensive report pointing out all of the ways you can upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and what rebates you’ll qualify for.

The audit will typically cost about $450, BUT you get an instant rebate of $300 from the province, leaving you with a bill of about $170 with GST. But wait… there’s more! If you pay taxes to the City of Edmonton, you’ll have the option of uploading your energy scores to a database to receive an additional $100 rebate.

Step 2

Take a look at your report and decide what you want to upgrade. You’ll can use one or more of the registered contractors for your renovations, or you can opt to do-it-yourself for some applications.

Complete three or more eligible upgrades, and you could receive a $1,000 bonus rebate. Eligible upgrades include: insulation, windows, furnaces & boilers, heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), tankless water heaters, drain water heat recovery systems, and air sealing. You must complete all qualifying renovations within 18 months, and all must achieve a minimum of 3GJ of energy savings each.

Step 3

Some upgrades, such as air sealing, may require a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation to determine the rebate value you qualify for. There will likely be paperwork and forms along the way to submit for your rebates, but these steps are still being finalized by the programs.

Acclaimed!’s Part in Your Home Energy Plan:

Acclaimed! is a registered contractor with the Energy Efficiency Alberta program, and we’re here to help!

We carry many of the smart thermostats available for $75 online rebates, and can help with installing an ECM motor on your furnace ($75 online rebate). If you’re looking to get a new furnace, heat recover ventilator (HRV), or tankless water heater installed, give us a call or drop us a line.

We’d love to help you rack up those government rebates!

Financing Available

Furnaces from law as $59/month. Air Conditioners from just $55/month!