Furnace, Vent, MUA, Dryer Vent, & Cleaning for Commercial Properties

Acclaimed has 22 years experience on projects like yours, performed by highly experienced and trained technicians. We are NADCA and COR certified, carry $2,000,000 in liability insurance, have WCB coverage on all employees and never use “third party” contractors. We have many years of experience cleaning schools, large commercial buildings, hi-rises, hospitals and strip malls. We can provide reference when requested!

At Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning in Edmonton, we use state of the art equipment and practices. In addition to the finest PowerVac trucks, we use specialty cleaning tools inside your furnace air vents and air ducts. These include: brushes, rotors, and whips of many different configurations. We tailor our equipment and cleaning processes to the unique requirements of the heating and cooling systems in your building. We also have many pieces of portable cleaning equipment to accomplish fantastic quality of cleaning, where space is restricted!

Though our primary focus is furnace cleaning, we also specialize in the cleaning of MUAs (Make Up Air) systems, RTUs (Roof Top Units), AHUs (Air Handling Units).

In addition to heating and cooling systems, many companies also utilize Acclaimed! for the cleaning of dryer vents (from the outside hood only, the back of the dryer only, or from both the outside hood and the back of the dryer), the replacement of hot water tanks, furnaces, and air conditioners, and general maintenance on these units.

We have many years of experience cleaning schools, large commercial buildings, hi-rises, hospitals, strip malls and more!


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