Get A Merv 13 Filter Inserts from Acclaimed

Acclaimed Furnace is giving away FREE MERV13 Filter Inserts for your own facemasks. Up to 2 per household. We are accepting e-transfer donations that we will be giving back to the Uninted Way of the Alberta Capital Region to give back to those in need in Edmonton and area.

How do I get a MERV13 insert?

1) Fill out the form at right

2) E-transfer $ donations to (no password needed) in the message area for online banking, please list your full name)

3) Arrange CURBSIDE pick at our office through e-mail in the Westend at 15341 105 Ave NW between 8:00am – 4:00PM Monday – Friday

What is a MERV 13 Filter Insert?

MERV13 filters professional quality filters. To achieve MERV13, a filter has to catch 90% of particles in the 3-10 µm range, 90% of particles in the 1-3 µm range (where PM2. 5 is), and 50% of particles in the range 0.3-1 µm range (the really, really small stuff). This insert will help protect you from airborne viruses and droplets.

The purpose:

Add an extra element of protection for the homemade masks. We are an indoor air quality company and have access to filter systems that can do this.

Download our MERV13 Insert Guide.