Acclaimed! Edmonton Renovation Show 2018

Acclaimed is no rookie to tradeshows here in Edmonton. We’ve had the great fortune of attending the Renovation show, the Home and Garden Show, and many other tradeshows over the last twenty-three years. There’s never been a show where we haven’t learned something new or encountered something unique. We absolutely love getting out there and talking to everyone! We are so grateful to be in a city where everyone is so supportive and interactive, that’s what makes the tradeshows here so much fun to attend and participate in.


As you can imagine, there’s a fair amount of work that goes into a tradeshow. Each year we have to pack up our huge furnace display and safely haul it to the Expo Centre. This can become a test of endurance, patience, and creativity to resolve any snags we come across along the way. Thankfully, our amazing team possesses those characteristics and we are able to get the job done without a hitch! Tradeshows are when all the divisions of the Acclaimed team come together with the same project, to make the tradeshow a success (not that we don’t all work together all the time, we are a family after all)!


Highlights from the Renovation Show

Here are some of our favourite pictures from the show!

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