The Northern Alberta Consumer Choice Awards Winners Press Release is out and we are thrilled to announce that Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling and Furnace Cleaning made the list of Home Services. Acclaimed won in 2016 we are honored to be chosen again for 2017.

The Consumer Choice Awards (CCA) have been around since 1987 and each year the Consumer Choice Awards goes through a four-step selection process to ensure that the top companies in service are chosen for their business excellence:

Step 1 – Determine Categories

The organization determines categories that matter the most to the public. Which industries are used most often require the consumer to make large buying decisions.

Step 2 – Populating Categories

Through surveys, research, directories, nominations, and industry records these categories are populated with businesses who will be in the potential running for a CCA for the specified area.

Step 3 – Selecting Relevant Companies 

Relevant companies are then chosen to be posted online for the final vote. The organization ensures that all companies have positive reviews and ratings and any unworthy candidates are removed.

Step 4 – Nominating Award Winners

The two key components in this process are the SSI New Market Research Survey which gives ratings of the relevant companies from consumers and business owners. The second component is the Consumer Choice Award Market Pulse Surveys which provides opinions from consumers through web and online surveys to expand on the first component.

The Organization has a great process to ensure the best businesses make the list.

Along with the Consumer Choice Awards Organization, we want to thank all those who voted for us during this process. Without our loyal customers and our dedicated and talented team, we would not have been as successful as we have been over the last 20 years. So thank you to the customers that support us and refer us to their family and friends. Thank you to the whole Acclaimed! Team, as a full unit, we move towards these accomplishments and appreciate the acknowledgment whole hardheartedly!

Make sure you check out the press release to view these fantastic companies in Alberta that made the list of the highly distinguished award.  If you would like to nominate a company you can visit the Consumer Choice Awards website.

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