With spring in the air and warmer weather on the horizon, you may be starting to think about getting air conditioning for your home. This week, Keven discusses AC options for those whose homes do not run on a forced-air system. If you’re also against the clunky look of box window AC units, watch the Dear Keven Letter below to learn about your alternative options. 

Here's the Letter:

Dear Keven,

With summer approaching in the (hopefully) near future, my partner and I are starting to think about getting an air conditioner installed in our condo. Our building runs off of a central boiler and we have baseboard heating, so traditional central AC is not an option for us. I also don’t like the idea of having a clunky AC unit taking up my windows. Do you know of any other options that might be available for us?


Box Window AC Not an Option

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Air Conditioner Spring Start Up!

With summer around the corner, be sure to do your spring startup before the hot weather comes.  This will ensure your air conditioner will be running smoothly when you need it. Steps:

1)  MOST IMPORTANT STEP –Turn the power off to your air conditioner

2)  Remove the winter cover if you have one – NEVER RUN it with the cover on.

3) Clean the A/C Condenser (big outside unit):  clean off the debris of the condenser coils with a shop vacuum.  It helps to have a brush or whisk broom too.   Once there is no more visible big stuff (ex: leaves), rinse it off with a garden hose.  Take care not to bend any of the fins.  Look at the inside of the unit.  Clear out any leaves or tree needles etc.

4)  Inspect the electrical lines and line set for wear.  If there are any cracked wires, consult your HVAC contractor.  If any of the insulation is missing or cracked, it should be replaced.

5) Furnace filter should be replaced. Make sure you have a clean air filter in your furnace.  Even though your furnace is not heating in the summer, your fan is running to push the cool air throughout your home. A plugged furnace filter can cause lots of problems with your furnace and your air conditioner.   A dirty filter means the air can not travel through it efficiently.  This WILL cause your Air Conditioner to stop working.

4)  Turn the power on to your air conditioner.

Please take a look at these before and after photos from one of Ed’s calls, last summer:

air conditioning edmonton alberta

Before and After AC Condenser Cleaning



No A/C?   we have a cheat! By running your furnace fan 24/7, during the summer 2 things happen:

1) the air gets filtered (assuming you have an efficient filter).

2) Cool air in your basement gets circulated to your upper stories if you close off the return air grills upstairs.  That is so long you have enough return air openings to the furnace, in the basement.

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