Our latest live video features some more great advice and addresses one of the latest questions from our readers, “ No Time for Odd Jobs ”, who has some concerns about hiring the right contractor.  We will be on location with Carol of Handyman Connection to address this weeks letter. If you’d prefer to watch this video directly on youtube, click here.

Here is the latest letter from one of our readers:

Dear Handyman Connection,

As my mother gets older and lives alone, odd jobs around the house come up and aren’t always manageable by the family due to work schedules. She’s gone and hired random companies for the tasks, and then we hear about it for months later on how awful they were, the cost, etc. How do you go about finding the right contractor for a task that’s not only qualified but actually decent to work with?


No time for Odd jobs

Watch below to learn more about hiring the right contractor:    

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