Afraid of Life Without AC

Now that you’ve got air conditioning, you never want to go a hot day without it again – we get it. But can a dirty AC condenser impact the functionality of your air conditioning? You bet it can. 

Each week Acclaimed! posts a live video on Facebook responding to a common customer question or letter we receive from homeowners. 

This week, Keven answers a letter from a homeowner “Afraid of Life Without AC”, wondering how important cleaning the AC condenser is. Keven notes that like anything involving a filter, AC condensers need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper air flow to the unit. While homeowners can roughly clean their outside air conditioning units themselves, he does recommend getting a professional in every once in a while for a more thorough clean. 

Check out the video to learn more, 

Watch the Video for Keven's Response:

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Old Bones AC Looking For a New Life

Refrigerant is an an integral ingredient to making your air conditioner run – but topping up the unit can get costly if you have an older unit that runs off of R22 or “Freon”.

Each week, Acclaimed! goes live on Facebook to answer a popular question we’ve received in the office or a letter a homeowner has sent in. This week, Tami and Keven answered a letter from a homeowner signed, “Old Bones AC” wondering if they could drain their older AC unit of R22 and replace it with the newer R410. 

Keven responds by noting that unfortunately, older ACs still using R22 are not compatible with the newer, more environmentally and economically friendly refrigerant, R410. He recommends replacing your AC unit if possible, as the overall cost savings of a new unit will likely outweigh the repair costs of older air conditioners using R22 in the long run (especially since the cost of R22 is increasing rapidly as supplies depleat). 

Check out the Facebook Live video for more information on this topic and to see Keven’s full answer. 

Watch the Video for Keven's Response:

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Our latest live video features some more great advice and addresses one of the latest questions from our readers, “ Always Mr.Right ”, who has some thermostat heating and cooling concerns. We will be discussing the myth of turning the thermostat way up and whether it actually heats up your home quicker. If you’d prefer to watch this video directly on youtube, click here.

Here is the latest letter from one of our readers:

Dear Keven,

There’s much debate in our home as of late with the weather being what it is. When it does cool off, my wife and I battle over where to set the thermostat to get our home toasty ASAP. Is it true that if we crank it all the way up it will heat up our home faster? She says it isn’t a factor, but I think it is. Help me set the record straight once and for all.


Always Mr.Right

Watch Below To Learn More about Thermostat Heating and Cooling:    

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Acclaimed! has some Heating & Air conditioning Tips to keep you comfortable in our home.

Inefficient, outdated heating, cooling, and ventilation systems can be draining on your wealth, but also on your health. Uncirculated, stale air allows moisture, odors, and pollutants to linger in your home. Consider replacing systems that aren’t energy efficient if they’re more than 7 to 10 years old – even those in fine mechanical working condition. Also consider automatic thermostats and a balanced ventilation system with a single intake for fresh air that’s filtered, heated or cooled, and distributed to living areas and later exhausted through several outlets. Over time, energy savings as high as 30% from energy efficient heating and cooling equipment will recoup the cost of buying the systems.

The largest portion of most utility bills is attributed to controlling temperature. An energy efficient heating and cooling system can significantly contribute to savings on your utility bill and may improve the comfort in your home. When shopping for a new heating or cooling system, be sure to take into consideration the equipment costs, costs of fuel, fuel delivery, warranties and any predictable maintenance costs over the life of the equipment.

Here’s what you can do to keep things running as they should:


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