Great news! Energy Efficiency Alberta has announced a new rebate for furnaces equipped with electronically commutated motors (ECM). The rebate will be added to their existing online rebates program found here. What will that mean for Albertans? Read below to find out!

Furnace with Electrically Commutated Motor (ECM)

The focus of this measure will be to incent Albertans who are in the market for a new furnace to purchase a model equipped with an ECM. With the majority of ECM’s being found in High-efficiency furnaces, the push to upgrade existing equipment and have Alberta running more efficiently is the end goal. Furthermore, eligibility will be based on a homeowner supplying proof of purchase for an eligible model purchased on or after January 2018.

From February 1, 2018, customers will be able to apply online for $75 rebate on qualified furnaces with ECM that has been purchased on January 15, 2018, or after.

Rebate Process for Customers

Eligibility Criteria 

Residential Retail Products Program Frequently Asked Questions


What is the new rebate exactly for?

The new rebate is offered by Energy efficiency Alberta on qualifying furnaces with Electrically Commutated Motor (ECM). The focus of this measure is to incent Albertans who are in the market for a new furnace to purchase a model equipped with an ECM. Eligibility will be based on a homeowner supplying proof of purchase for an eligible model purchased on or after January 15, 2018

Can I apply for the rebate to retrofit my existing furnace?

No, rebates are for new furnaces or furnace replacement only and not retrofit of an existing furnace.

Why should I choose a furnace with ECM? How will it help me save energy?

Furnaces with ECM use less electricity compared to those without as the blower motor that forces the air through your home is variable speed and uses less energy to keep your home at its set point. The M in ECM refers to the motor that drives the furnace fan and helps to save energy.

How much is the rebate on a qualified furnace with ECM?

The rebate is $75 per furnace with an ECM.

What is the purchase limit?

A limit of 2 furnaces with ECM can be qualified for rebate under the program, per household for the life of the program.

How do I know which furnaces are qualified for the rebate?

A list of qualified furnaces with ECM is found on EEA website (Available starting February 1, 2018). The list was compiled by the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada based on data from manufacturers acting on a voluntary basis.  The excel list can also be downloaded here Copy of ECM_Eligibility_List-Online Rebates.

I purchased a qualifying product before the program launched. Am I able to get the rebate?

If you have purchased a qualified furnace with ECM on January 15, 2018, or after, you are eligible to apply for the $75 rebate.

How do I apply for my rebate?

Customers who have purchased a qualifying model will need to complete the online application form. These forms are found on Energy efficiency Alberta’s website (available February 1, 2018). Furthermore, receipts showing the purchase of the qualifying model needs to be uploaded as part of the online application process.

Does my new furnace with ECM have to be installed by a registered contractor?

Contractors are not required to be registered under the program to qualify for the rebate.

Can my contractor apply for the rebate on my behalf?

Yes, contractors can complete the application process on behalf of their customers however this is not a program requirement. Customers will receive their rebates directly from the program via mail.


Call center agents from Energy efficiency Alberta process applications. Customers will receive $75 rebate via mail within 6 – 8 weeks.



To keep you in the know here are the next set of rebates that are announced:

All business, non-profit and institutional customers serviced by an Alberta electric utility are eligible, except for new construction projects, federal and provincially owned buildings, and large final emitters—as defined under Alberta’s Specified Gas Emitters Regulation.

Sectors Included in the Alberta Government Rebate program include, but are not limited to:

Once your organization has installed an approved high-efficiency heating or lighting product you can apply for the rebate. Once approved, you’ll receive a cheque that will help cover the cost of the equipment. (Expected 15-20 days to process applications for approval and rebate cheque)

The Eligible Items For This Rebate Include:

The launch date for the program was May 18, 2017, however, eligible invoice dates go back to March 24, 2017.  The eligible dates of invoices and submissions of rebates are from March 24, 2017, to April 30, 2018.  So don’t lose heart if you replaced this item prior to the announcement of the rebate and submit your application!
There is a $60K cap rebate per site, per year! This means that in terms of types of furnaces that are eligible: they can be residential size furnaces for businesses (for examples business in strip malls). Please contact our office for clarification if you are unsure. For more details, you can also visit Efficiency Alberta.
Watch the latest Dear Keven segment as we talk about the latest Government Rebates:

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