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Can a Dirty AC Condenser Impact How Well Your Air Conditioner Works?

Now that you’ve got air conditioning, you never want to go a hot day without it again – we totally get it!

It’s important to recognize what factors can impact the functionality of your air conditioner to avoid breakdowns, and a dirty AC condenser is one of them.

Each week Acclaimed! posts a live video on Facebook responding to a common customer question or letter we receive from homeowners.

This week, Keven answers a letter from a homeowner “Afraid of Life Without AC”, wondering how important cleaning the AC condenser is. Keven notes that like anything involving a filter, AC condensers need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper airflow to the unit. While homeowners can roughly clean their outside air conditioning units themselves, he does recommend getting a professional in every once in a while for a more thorough clean.

Watch the Video for Keven’s Full Response:

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