Furnace Services In Edmonton, AB

Furnace Services In Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, AB, And Surrounding Areas

Living through the harsh winters of Edmonton can be a real challenge, especially when temperatures drop to freezing lows. That’s why having a reliable furnace is crucial; beyond just providing comfort, it becomes necessary in this demanding weather. Heating, Cooling, and Furnace Cleaning, we understand the importance of having a trusted partner in the intricate dance of home comfort. Even as the cold winds blow through the city, our commitment to offering unparalleled furnace services remains steadfast. We’re here to provide more than just warmth- we offer you a dependable haven against the elements, giving you the peace of mind and reliability you rightly deserve when it comes to Furnaces in Edmonton, AB.

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Furnace Varieties: Your Guide To Cozy Comfort Selection

  • Furnace Types: There are several things to take into account. Are you planning on selling the home soon? If so, installing a good quality, but very basic single stage furnace, might be the best choice. If you’re installing a new furnace in your “longer term home”, a modulating or 2 stage Furnace will be worth the extra investment.
  1. Single Stage: A single stage furnace has two settings. The thermostat in the house calls for heat, so the furnace comes on. Full power. It will run at full capacity until the thermostat is satisfied, then shut itself off. This is the cycle, so you get somewhat uneven heat throughout the house. The furnace hits you with blasts of warm air that give you temporary comfort, but doesn’t do a great job of maintaining that comfort consistently.
  2. 2 Stage: The burner in a two stage furnace can run at two different levels. Different burners are programmed differently. As an example, the burner may be programmed to run at two stages, 60% and 100% capacity. A two stage furnace is quieter and generates more even heat through the house. The longer, slower heating cycle eliminates the kind of rapid warming that many people find uncomfortable from a single stage furnace. The longer cycle also provides better air filtration, because the air cycles through the furnace air filter more times in a day. Air quality is significantly improved in the house if your two stage furnace has a humidifier.
  3. Modulating: These furnaces run in very precise increments. Some models can run at 40% capacity and increase by .5% if the thermostat calls for it. Because they can manage temperature so precisely in your house, they usually run continuously at a very low setting. The temperature in every room of the house remains consistent because of this continuous operation. The air isn’t blasting in then settling, then blasting. It’s constantly flowing. Modulating furnaces can achieve up to 98% efficiency, meaning 98% of the fuel that goes into the system returns as heat.

Service Beyond Heat: Enhancing Your Furnace Journey

We go beyond the conventional to ensure your furnace provides warmth and unmatched efficiency and reliability.

  • Installation: Precision For Peak Performance: Our installation services are executed precisely, guaranteeing that your furnace operates at peak performance from the very start. We understand that the proper installation is the foundation for years of reliable heating.
  • Maintenance: Proactive Care For Longevity: Ensuring regular maintenance of your furnace is crucial for its longevity. Our expert technicians conduct thorough check-ups, addressing potential issues before they escalate. It’s important to not only address existing issues but also take proactive steps to prevent future problems from arising.
  • Cleaning: Clearing The Path To Efficiency: Our comprehensive cleaning services ensure your furnace operates efficiently, providing optimal warmth without unnecessary strain. Clean systems perform better and contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

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Setting The Bar: What Makes Our Service Exceptional

Regarding Heating, Cooling, and Furnace Cleaning, we offer more than just a service; it provides a confident and reliable experience backed by trust, expertise, and unbeatable commitment to excellence. Join our family-oriented community today and experience the difference!

  • Family-Oriented Service: More Than Just a Job: Since 1995, we’ve treated each service as if it were for our family. Our commitment to a family-oriented approach ensures that you receive service and genuine care for your home comfort.
  • Award-Winning Recognition: Your Trust, Our Honor: We are honored recipients of prestigious awards, including the Top Choice and Consumer Choice Award for Northern Alberta. These accolades reflect the trust and support of our clients, inspiring us to maintain our customer-first approach.
  • Quality Assurance and Expertise: We adhere to the highest HVAC assessments, cleaning, and restoration services standards. Our Quality Assurance Program guarantees total system cleaning and optimal performance.
  • Core Values: The Pillars of Our Commitment: Our team is not just skilled; we share core values of embrace change, play for each other, own it, create solutions, humble & curious. These values ensure a cohesive approach to every project, underlining our commitment to trust and excellence.

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Join The Comfort Connection: Where Your Well-being Matters Most

Are you looking for furnace services that go above and beyond your expectations? Look no further than Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling, and Furnace Cleaning in Edmonton. We are committed to providing you with the ultimate comfort you deserve. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or cleaning, our team of experts is ready to unleash the warmth and reliability you need. Trust us to be your reliable partner for all your furnace needs in Edmonton, AB. Get in touch with Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling, and Furnace Cleaning today and experience the excitement of exceptional furnace services.

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