Heating & Cooling Services In Edmonton, AB


At Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning, we offer installation of so many products for your home. We can help solve whatever problem you are facing!

Are you experiencing your home being too dry, hardwood cracking, and nosebleeds? We can install a humidifier that has extremely low maintenance and is super cost-efficient!

Poor air quality, too much dust, allergies? We can install a wonderful air filtration system that will be great for your family!

Acclaimed Services

Is your furnace on it’s last legs and costing you money? One of our sales team can come in and give you a free in-house estimate.

How is your house over the summer, too hot? Again, we can have one of our sales team come to your home in and give you a free in-house estimate. Never has it been more cost efficient to purchase an air conditioner and efficient on running it!

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Financing Available

Furnaces from low as $59/month. Air Conditioners from just $55/month