Ductless Split AC

Dear Keven: “Box AC Not an Option”

With spring in the air and warmer weather on the horizon, you may be starting to think about getting air conditioning for your home. This week, Keven discusses AC options for those whose homes do not run on a forced-air system. If you’re also against the clunky look of box window AC units, watch the Dear Keven Letter below to learn about your alternative options. Here’s the Letter: Dear Keven, With summer approaching in the


2018 Home & Garden Show

Another trade show has come and gone and we were so honored to have been able to be part of the 2018 Home & Garden Show. We had such a fun time interacting with other exhibitors and seeing such creativity in all of the booths. The weekend was full of laughs, good conversations, and of course – mini donuts! Here are some of our favourite photos from the weekend: While at the show, we met


Dear Keven Letter: “Stink in the Air”

It’s one of the most annoying and gross situations that every homeowner will relate to at some point or another: the mysterious stink. This week, Tami and special guest Darlene, our Office Manager, explore a letter from one of our customers who is experiencing stink that they think is coming from the vents. Here’s this week’s Dear Keven letter: Dear Keven: I have a funky smell coming from my home and it seems to be


Dear Keven Letter: “Cooler in the Room Yonder”

In this week’s Facebook Live video, Keven and our dispatcher, Val, discuss why some rooms in your home may be cooler than others. Surprisingly, there are many factors that may attribute to this, and it may not be because your furnace is too small. Here’s this week’s Dear Keven letter: Dear Keven, I have a bedroom in my home that is many degrees cooler than the rest of the house. I’m thinking about replacing my


Dear Keven Letter: “Spring Is In the Air!”

Are you getting a jump on your spring cleaning this year? In this week’s Dear Keven letter, Keven talks about the indicators that you’re due for a furnace & duct cleaning and shares some tips for making sure your system stays in tip-top shape. Also mentioned is a newly available government rebate for businesses, non-profits, and institutions. More information on this can be found here. Fill out our booking form to get a quote on


Dear Keven Letter: “At My Wits End”

Have you ever experienced random pools of water in your furnace room? We might have an answer as to why that’s happening! Keven provides some great insights as to what might be causing the mysterious leaks in your furnace room, how to find their source, and what to do if you see white or rusty build up on your furnace exhaust pipes. Follow these tips and schedule a yearly A+ Furnace Preventative maintenance to ensure


Dear Keven Letter: “Things That Go Bump in the Night”

In this week’s live Facebook video, Keven and Tami discuss the spooky noises that come with a new-to-you furnace. Keven will give you some advice on how to determine if these sounds are normal or not, and provide some recommendations on how to keep your furnace running in tip-top shape with our A+ Furnace Preventative Maintenance package. Here’s this week’s Dear Keven letter: Dear Keven, We recently purchased a home that has a mid-efficiency furnace.


Acclaimed! Edmonton Renovation Show 2018

Acclaimed is no rookie to tradeshows here in Edmonton. We’ve had the great fortune of attending the Renovation show, the Home and Garden Show, and many other tradeshows over the last twenty-three years. There’s never been a show where we haven’t learned something new or encountered something unique. We absolutely love getting out there and talking to everyone! We are so grateful to be in a city where everyone is so supportive and interactive, that’s what

pesky critters that get into your ventilation system

Dear Keven Letter “The Great Critter Caper”

Our latest live video features some more great advice and addresses one of the latest questions from our readers, “The Great Critter Caper”, pesky critters that get into your ventilation system. Keven will discuss how to combat those situations. If you’d prefer to watch this video directly on youtube, click here. Here is the latest letter from one of our readers: Dear Keven, We’ve run into a slightly gross situation. We have mice running through our vents as


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