Alberta Government Rebates Energy Efficiency Alberta Rebates Acclaimed Heating Cooling Furnace Cleaning

NEW Provincial Rebates Available

What's New in the World of Provincial Rebates? A lot apparently. In a seemingly quiet launch, Energy Efficiency Alberta rolled out a number of new and increased rebates for Albertans a few weeks ago, in addition to some municipalities, including Edmonton, launching their own rebate programs. With very little press surrounding these new rebates, we [...]

5 tips for protecting your furnace during renos HVAC tips with Keven Lackey Acclaimed Heating Cooling Furnace Cleaning

5 Tips for Protecting Your Furnace During Renovations

5 Tips for Protecting Your Furnace During Renovations: Whether it's the middle of a deep freeze, or the hottest day of the year, there's a good chance your furnace is working hard to keep you comfortable. If you're bravely battling renovations in the winter, your furnace is most likely running consistently to keep your house [...]

How to Change a Humidifier Pad Evaporator Pad Acclaimed Heating Cooling Furnace Cleaning

How To An Change Evaporator Pad On Your Humidifier

How to Change Your Humidifier's Evaporator Pad Changing your humidifier's evaporator pad regularly will help the unit continue providing optimal humidity to your home when you need it. We recommend that you change your humidifier pad every 6 months to 1 year. The lifespan of your humidifier pad will vary depending on how often you [...]

Dear Keven Letter Impacts of a Dirty AC Condenser Acclaimed Heating Cooling Furnace Cleaning Keven Lackey

Dear Keven: Can a Dirty Condenser Impact Your Air Conditioner?

Can a Dirty AC Condenser Impact How Well Your Air Conditioner Works? Now that you’ve got air conditioning, you never want to go a hot day without it again – we totally get it! It's important to recognize what factors can impact the functionality of your air conditioner to avoid breakdowns, and a dirty AC [...]

Summer Fan Switch Acclaimed Heating Cooling Furnace Cleaning

Summer Fan Switch

How to Make the Temperature in Your Home More Consistent Between the Basement & Upstairs: If you’re looking to even out the temperature in your home, try installing a summer switch. Using your existing furnace & ventilation system, turn the furnace fan on so that it runs continuously. The switch that allows you to do [...]

Dear Keven Letter Air Conditioning Refrigerant Keven Lackey

Dear Keven: Can You Change Out An Air Conditioner’s Refrigerant?

Is It Possible to Change Out An Air Conditioner's Refrigerant Type? Refrigerant is an an integral ingredient to making your air conditioner run – but topping up the unit can get costly if you have an older unit that runs off of R22 or “Freon”. Each week, Acclaimed! goes live on Facebook to answer a [...]

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