How important is brand name when shopping for a furnace

How Important is Brand Name When Shopping for a Furnace?

How Important is Brand Name When Shopping for a Furnace? Purchasing a new furnace is a decision that should not be taken lightly.  After all, you want to be able to depend on the furnace unit you choose to get you through our harsh Canadian winters— without having to worry about sudden malfunctions. Thankfully, a [...]

preventing furnace breakdowns during a cold snap furnace repair edmonton furnace service edmonton

CBC Radio: Keeping Your Furnace Working During a Cold Snap

How to Prevent Furnace Breakdowns in the Middle of a Cold Snap Earlier this week Acclaimed! was invited to speak on CBC Radio-Edmonton about the city's recent cold snap and how extreme cold can impact your furnace. Take a listen for some tips & tricks on some steps you can take to prevent costly furnace [...]

furnace filter how to replace furnace filter pleated furnace filter fiberglass filter air cleaner electronic filter edmonton Acclaimed heating cooling furnace cleaning

What Kind of Furnace Filter Should You Use?

What Kind of Furnace Filter Should You Be Using? Navigating the world of furnace filters can be confusing, especially if you're not sure what the difference is between the filters available. There's no shame in not knowing the difference though, that's why we're here! In this blog, we'll break it down for you and give [...]

modulating furnace 2 stage furnace single stage furnace furnace installations and replacements edmonton

Breaking Down the Different Types of Furnaces Available

What's the Best Type of Furnace to Install? It's a question that you never typically envision yourself asking, as you scroll through countless articles on Google. Should you go for the ritzy modulating furnace, or should you stick with the bare-bones single stage? Ultimately, the decision will completely depend on your application, as well as [...]

5 tips for protecting your furnace during renos HVAC tips with Keven Lackey Acclaimed Heating Cooling Furnace Cleaning

5 Tips for Protecting Your Furnace During Renovations

5 Tips for Protecting Your Furnace During Renovations: Whether it's the middle of a deep freeze, or the hottest day of the year, there's a good chance your furnace is working hard to keep you comfortable. If you're bravely battling renovations in the winter, your furnace is most likely running consistently to keep your house [...]

Noisy Furnace Should My Furnace be making that noise dear keven letter keven lackey tami lackey

Dear Keven Letter: Should My Furnace Be Making That Noise?

Should My Furnace Be Making That Noise? Like Kevin McCallister in 'Home Alone', we were always afraid of the furnace as kids. The loud bangs, weird humming noises, and steel groans were never fun to fall asleep to - but are they normal? In this week's Dear Keven Letter, Tami & Keven discuss the spooky [...]

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