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How to Identify Fresh Air Intakes vs. Exhaust Vents

Fresh Air Intake Vents on Your Home give your HVAC equipment the necessary airflow that’s required for it to run in a safe manner, both for your equipment and the inhabitants. Your home should have an air return that is large enough for the same volume of air to return that the system puts out. Having fresh clean air in your home is vital for a healthy home. Learn how to identify which vents on your home are fresh air intakes and which are exhausts.

Fresh Air Intake Vents on Your Home:

  • Fresh Air Intake: If there’s a screen, it’s an intake. This is where the cool fresh air makes it’s way back to your HVAC equipment. You can test this by turning on the furnace and feeling the suction as it draws air in.
  • Exhausts: If the vent has a flap, it’s an exhaust. That’s where your heat from bathroom fans, kitchen range hoods, or your dryer vent to the outside of the home.

Watch Keven Break Down the Two in This Video:

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