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How to Make the Temperature in Your Home More Consistent Between the Basement & Upstairs:

If you’re looking to even out the temperature in your home, try installing a summer switch.

Using your existing furnace & ventilation system, turn the furnace fan on so that it runs continuously. The switch that allows you to do this is commonly known as a summer switch. A summer switch is a small toggle switch attached to the furnace, which, when set to the ‘on’ position, will allow the furnace fan to run continuously.

Another common place to find a summer switch setting is on your thermostat. Most thermostats have an option to turn the fan to one of the following options:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Off

The manual option will allow the fan to run continuously, the automatic option will run the fan only when calling for heat or air conditioning, and the off option will not allow the fan to run at all.

By setting the thermostat to manual and allowing the fan to run continuously, the air will circulate and mix in all rooms of your home before returning down to the furnace for re-circulation. Because of this constant circulation, the air coming out of all the registers will be approximately the same temperature.

Not only does this allow for better circulation, but it also provides a more permanent supply of air to all areas of your home. This can help to warm up the coolest rooms in your house, and cool down those the rooms that are especially warm.

Starting at $200, this is a relatively inexpensive part that can be added that may have a huge impact on your home and your family’s home comfort.

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