Alternatives to Central Air Conditioners

Alternatives to Central Air Conditioners

Spring is in the air and warmer weather is on the horizon, and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about air conditioning. While the most well-known air conditioning application is a central air conditioner that is connected to a furnace, there are still options for homeowners using alternative heating sources to keep cool.

One of the more well known alternative air conditioners are the boxed ACs that sit outside of your window, or the portable units that you can roll into a room. While both of these options can provide some relief from the heat, they aren’t necessarily the best option. They are quite loud, and they typically only cool down a small area of the home.

Each week Acclaimed! posts a live video on Facebook responding to a common customer question or letter we receive from homeowners. This week, Keven reads a letter from a homeowner adamant that the “Boxed AC is NOT an Option” for their home, and provides some other air conditioning alternatives.

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