How to Change Your Humidifier’s Evaporator Pad

How to Change Your Humidifier’s Evaporator Pad

Changing your humidifier’s evaporator pad regularly will help the unit continue providing optimal humidity to your home when you need it. We recommend that you change your humidifier pad every 6 months to 1 year. The lifespan of your humidifier pad will vary depending on how often you use it and how much humidity your home requires. Seasonal and weather changes can bring about dry spells that can make you have nosebleeds, headaches, itchy skin, and red eyes. Ensuring your humidifier is maintained will help keep your home comfortable during those climate changes.

How To Replace The Evaporator Pad:

  1. Take the cover off of your humidifier.
  2. Each humidifier will be different in how this will be achieved. Aprilaire models installed by Acclaimed! will have a tab at the top and bottom of the unit that will release the cover when pressed.
  3. Disconnect the feeder tube from the humidifier.
  4. Remove the black frame holding the evaporator pad from the humidifier. You should see two tabs protruding from the frame that will help you lift the frame up and out of the humidifier. You might hear a ‘snap’ as it disconnects from the humidifier housing.
  5. On the top of the evaporator, pad frame will be a thick piece of plastic called a distributor tray. There should be tabs holding the distributor tray in place on the frame. Press these to release the distributor tray from the frame.
  6. Remove the used evaporator pad from the frame and replace it with a new one.
  7. Re-attach the distributor tray to the top of the frame.
  8. Place the evaporator pad and frame back in the humidifier the same way you took it out, ensuring the hole for the feeder tube is on the correct side. You may hear a ‘snap’ again as the evaporator pad frame snaps into place.
  9. Connect the feeder tube back to the unit and replace the cover.

And that’s how you change an evaporator pad! If you’re in need of replacement evaporator pads, give us a call! If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video of Keven replacing an evaporator pad for step-by-step directions.

Watch How to Replace a Humidifier’s Evaporator Pad: