What’s the Point of Furnace & Duct Cleaning?

What’s the Point of Furnace & Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning is one of those tricky industries where there are a lot of scammy companies and a lot of good-quality companies marketing themselves to the masses. So how do you sort out who is who? And is there even a point to getting your ducts cleaned?

In this blog post, we’ll clear up why duct cleaning is important, what are the benefits, and how to choose a quality company to do your duct cleaning.

Why is Duct Cleaning Important?

Duct cleaning is important to have done regularly to keep your home healthy and safe. One of the major ways duct cleaning contributes to the health & safety of your home is how dust interacts with your furnace. Most mid- and high-efficiency furnaces have a number of electronic components to them that can deteriorate or become damaged if not cleaned regularly.

What are the Benefits?

Cleaning your duct system can also offer relief to those suffering from allergies. Every time your furnace turns on, it continues to cycle all the dust, debris, and allergens through your duct system, releasing those particles into the air for you to breath in. Regular duct cleaning can get rid of those allergens to give you relief year-round.

In addition, regular duct cleaning can save you money in furnace filter replacements. A clean duct system will cycle less allergen and dust-laden air, leaving your furnace filter cleaner for longer.

How to Choose a Quality Company to Do Your Duct Cleaning?

Everyone knows the old saying: “you get what you pay for”. The same applies to duct cleaning.

Seeing as duct cleaning is a service-based business, the bulk of your bill is labour. And with labour, the more experienced, thorough, and qualified technicians cost more. This is why we warn away from choosing the cheapest company in your area because they’re probably cutting corners in terms of qualifications or quality of work to get their prices so low.

It’s also important that the company you choose is using good quality equipment to clean your ducts. If they walk in with just compressed air and no brushes or whips, you may want to turn them away. Without brushes or whips, your vent system could be getting a sub-par cleaning, leaving you with just as much dust as you started with.

And finally, one of the best ways to find out if you’re choosing a quality company is to look at online reviews. If they have consistent 5-star reviews and plenty of them, there’s a good chance you’ll also be happy with their work.

In Summary

Duct cleaning isn’t always a scam. If you find the right company with the right tools, you can improve your home’s comfort, health, and safety.

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